ORGASM IN A BOX (Site + Content) + LEONSGIRLS.COM (3D VR 180 Clips, Content) to buy – FULL LICENSES – ALL DOWNLOADABLE CLIPS + Site OiaB

We have shot over 300 3D VR Native Raw 4K Clips in 2018 and 2019, this year.

We have built and launched (live now, brand new): ORGASM IN A BOX website on (2D, casual videos “orgasm in a box” themed)

Also launched in May 2019 LEONSGIRLS.COM for 3D VR Lovers:

The sites are live and running. LEONSGIRLS.COM is not to be sold, but its content “is” –

What you will get:

ORGASM IN A BOX WEBSITE: The site, running with all assets used (graphics, texts, logos, whatever you see on the site plus not be seen like PSD files, and or any other files) + The CONTENT in it (as you see live AND THE COMING UPDATES + What we shot, edited and made ready for this site: which means more than 300 2D “in the box” unscripted, uncut (of course edited and made ready for web and streaming but the clips are uncut, unedited like they have no “after effects” and or cut / pastes on them). They are 20-30 Minutes (mostly around ~ 20, some near to 30, a few more than 30) solo masturbation clips in a white box theme, shot by 4K 3D Cameras and presented in Orgasm in a Box site as 2D casual clips with related updates [Right now on the site you cannot see all of them as the site will get 2-3 updates weekly to maintain members´ retention and to “drop” the content in time, naturally]

The same content, the videos natively shot in 3D VR and they can be seen / used on LEONSGIRLS.COM

You can have, these options:

  • OPTION 1: ORGASM IN A BOX ( site with all assets and everything in it + not being seen clips (in total 300+, right now 305 and may reach this number a bit more as we continue shooting). The clips are in 2D and the updates are arranged, scheduled. So you will have a running, money making website, turnkey, under your name already. We will arrange the licenses by your name + help transferring the site to your server, and if you have no technical or legal infrastructure we will help on all, too. You will have a fully legal business with this site, up and running, with its content and everything there + The license will be covering “tubes” which means you (or somebody else for you, under your name if you allow him or her) would be able to cut, edit and use them on tubes for promotion and or marketing for your site, this site, on social media, too. – Price: 65.000 USD
  • OPTION 2: You will have OPTION 1 (ORGASM IN A BOX website and its content and full licenses etc) + LEONSGIRLS.COM CONTENT which is 3D VR 180 CLIPS (305 3D VR 180 Degrees Clips), again examples can be seen on: [THIS OPTION DOES NOT COVER LEONSGIRLS.COM WEBSITE! THIS IS ONLY 305 CLIPS and CONTENT ONLY, YOU WILL GET THE CONTENT and LICENSES to use it for yourself, not the site itself) – Price 85.000 USD
  • OPTION 3: Only LEONSGIRLS.COM Clips, 305 3D VR 180 Clips (with Licenses of course and clips themselves fully downloadable). – Price 45.000 USD

The created offer is valid for only 1 person (company) and first comes first serves BUT: If a person gets ONLY the OPTION 3, then only the OPTION 3 will be removed from this page (from this site)

If a person buys the OPTION 2 then all OPTIONS will be removed from this page so that only 1 person may and can have this business opportunity from us.

What will happen when you´re buying these:

You will have an up and running business but we will keep LEONSGIRLS.COM as it´s a LEON LAMBERT Brand to us and we will keep the using rights of 3D VR Clips on behalf of us BUT ORGASM IN A BOX will be fully yours and both 2D and LEONSGIRLS´ 3D Videos you would be able to use on your projects and on tubes per your wish.

This ALSO MEANS: Even though we will remove these Options above the license you will have WILL NOT BE SOLE and EXCLUSIVE but the site ORGASM IN A BOX (www.orgasminabox) will be fully yours for sure BUT the content will not be solely yours (still you will have the rights to use it as you wish).

For the content (clips) if preferred and if it´s legal in your contry to get such material via post, for a small extra fee the content in external encrypted harddrive could also be provided and sent.

Let´s talk: